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Professional Educational Support

EOMiL believes that everyone matters in learning, and so we strive to support success in teaching and learning for all stakeholders. We support lifelong learning. We always design a package of support specifically focused on your needs as we appreciate your successes.

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Welcome to EOMiL

EOMiL is a consultancy with goals and objectives focused on working with all levels of educational institutions. We aim to provide an environment which supports and facilitates teaching and learning which will benefit all stakeholders and in particular each and every student. EOMiL provides the full package from start up to reviewing the current situation with a SWOT analysis, from strategic planning to implementation and recommending strategies for improvement as well as change management where necessary.

EOMiL focusses on making ‘good teachers great’ and ‘leadership and management teams’ facilitators equipped with the skills and knowledge to make good schools great for every student.

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Helping to improve educational providers and organisations across the UK and internationally

Here for educational support

EOMiL (Every One Matters in Learning) is an established educational support service that offers a wide range of services to educational institutions ranging from primary schools through to colleges.

We have more than 20 years of experience, dealing with problems in schools through troubleshooting, recommending strategies for improvement as well as helping with implementation, performance management and change management.

We are a group of qualified professionals who already have professional headteacher qualifications, along with an excellent reputation.

If you would like some support with your school, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

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Creating a supportive educational environment

Established in 2007, our team is committed to delivering the highest standards of support to our schools, colleges, tutoring support, extracurricular and entrepreneurship as well as PSHE (Physical, social, health and emotional wellbeing), as well as mental health.

Personal service

Extensive knowledge


UK and international coverage

All our programs are tailored to suit the needs of our educational providers and organisations.

Our team have over 15 years experience and really understand all different problems educational providers and organisations face.

Everyone Matters in Learning has been a popular name with students and teachers since 2007.

Based in Coulsdon, we can help educational providers and organisations  across the UK and internationally.

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Our consultants

The consultants working with EOMiL have over 80 years of combined success working with a variety of mostly international schools over the past 20 years. With a varied combination of knowledge, skillsets and experience in education, accountancy, medicine and project management we are able to ensure that every school supported has seen a great improvement in their provision. These improvements have been especially visible in teaching and learning, support for leadership teams and working with the non-academic departments.

We have set up successful schools and continue to support them with continued professional development and change management when required to improve provision further.

EOMiL continues to keep its team in the know on current pedagogy in all areas affecting and influencing (directly and indirectly) teaching and learning. Our team is made up of:

  • A passionate educationalist

  • An accountant and financial advisor

  • Specialist administrators

  • A medical practitioner and qualified nurse

  • A project manager

  • A curriculum review expert

  • An extracurricular/alternative design specialist

  • A professional and passionate teacher trainer

  • A dynamic strategic whole school planner

  • A group of individuals with the needs of every student at heart, while offering invaluable support to the teaching faculty.



Contact EOMiL for a personalised program that ensures you are the best educational institute you can be.

Our educational services 

What Everyone Matters in Learning has to offer

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Leadership and Management
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Special Needs Support
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 Let us know about your experiences with Everyone Matters in Learning and help educational providers and organisations make the right choice by using our services to help improve.

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