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Providing Special Needs Support for Educational Providers and Organisations

Everyone Matters in Learning will help evaluate and create a package of support to help improve special needs support at your education provider and/or organisation.

A child with special needs due to chromosome 8P inversion duplication syndrome

Improving special needs support for schools and colleges across the UK and internationally

Giving special seeds support

Everyone Matters in Learning will evaluate your provision and support you both at a whole school level and at the SEN department level. We are able to set up and monitor the SEN provision as well as bring in specialists as required for individual cases. We will also review your support for the gifted and talented students and staff in your setting. We will ensure your vision is immersed in the department.


It is agreed that we all learn differently, present our knowledge in diverse ways and are fantastic critical thinkers in the right learning environment.


Please contact us for an appropriate package for your setting.

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Improving your wellbeing

All things wellbeing

Everyone Matters in Learning is keen to ensure that the physical, social, health and emotional needs of every student are met. The mental health of your teachers and all other stakeholders is critical to the success of your institution.


Let us work with you to create a program that fits in with your stakeholders’ needs.


Please contact us for an appropriate package for your setting.

Educating educational providers and organisations

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How We can Help Your School or College

See how Everyone Matters in Learning can support educational providers and organisations.


Leadership and Management

We can assist you in the implementation of a plan to help improve your leadership team.

Students learning

Teaching and Learning

We provide every student with different strategies to help them be the best that they can be.

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